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Workshop on “Wireless Sensor Node Circuit and System Design”       


7-8 December, 2015, Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center (KEDEA)

 Europe/Athens timezone/ Thessaloniki, Greece

Powered by “IEEE CASS Outreach Initiative 2015”
WiSeInno Team”

WiSe Design 2015 will cover all aspects of Wireless Sensor node and Wireless Communications, devices, circuits and systems design, simulation and measurement. Indicative topics are analog/RF devices and circuits, data converters, RF and mmWave blocks, Frequency generation, Wireless and Wireline systems, imagers, power management, signal processing, network sharing, instrumentation and measurement.

Invited presentations by Academics or/and Experienced Engineers coming from the European and from the Greek Industry and Academia will be held. Session on ‘Career opportunities in the Semiconductor Industry’ and a ‘Student Thesis contest’ will be organized as to provide guidelines to the University students on the available employment options into the European Area, both in the Industry and Academia/Research. The related IEEE student membership benefits will be presented.

We hope you will enjoy the event as much we have enjoyed setting this up!

The Hosts,

T. Noulis & S. Siskos

Starts 7 Dec 2015 08.30
Ends 8 Dec 2015 15.00

Contact: info@wiseinno.tech 

Η εκδήλωση εντάσσεται στο πλαίσιο του εορτασμού 50 χρόνων από την ίδρυση του ΠΜΣ Ηλεκτρονικής Φυσικής (Ραδιο-ηλεκτρολογίας), του Τμήματος Φυσικής του ΑΠΘ.

This event is in the framework of the 50 year’s anniversary of the MSc in Electronics Physics (Radio – electrology) –  Physics Dept., -AUTH.